Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is why PIzza Hut is going out of business!

Remember a few months ago when Pizza Hut had that $10 for ANY pizza and no kidding deal?  Well, I went in, and according to what it's called on the receipt, got a 10AnyMdLg Large Stuffed Cheese pizza.  In the name itself, it says it is 10....Look at the price next to the $10 Any Large pizza...$12.  I, of course, immediately informed the waitress of the error, and she informed me that "Any" pizza does not include the stuffed crust pizza.  Needless to say, I was outraged.

"We knew you weren't too bright, I guess now we know you are also cheap!"

It wasn't the $2 extra that charged me, I would have happily payed $15 for's the blatant lying that the company did.  Yeah, yeah, I know "I'm sure next to Any it had an * which in advertising terms means, "Whatever we just said isn't actually true." and it is totally legal!"  Sure enough, the next time the commercial came on, I noticed it, and in the smallest print, it said that it excludes stuffed crust.

So, of course, I immediately went to the company web site and informed them how I don't appreciate their deceptive advertising, and would not be visiting their establishment anymore.

"A clear bluff, porky!"

I told them about how I had eaten at Pizza Huts since I was 5 and have always enjoyed the experience, the people, and the food.  However, clearly I will not support a restaurant anymore that feels they need to lie to me in order to get my business.  Months go by and I heard nothing.  I then drove by the restaurant that committed this heinous act on me...

"Heinous act...give me a break, you got charged $2 more to stuff your face."

...and they were OUT OF BUSINESS!  Clearly, they must have realized I am an internet blogger, and have all of the pomp and circumstance associated with such!

"An expanding waste line and a seemingly endless amount of baseless opinions?"

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